How to set up an A/B test

In this article, you will learn how to create a split test using

You will need: 

First, you will need to create two pages in the same funnel. These will be the two variations of your split test.

An example scenario would be the following:

We want to do a split test for two variations of a squeeze page, here are the steps we need to follow:

1. Create two squeeze pages in the same funnel (click here to see how to create a squeeze page)

2. Click on the "Split test" tab (Number 1 below).

3. Click on "Choose variation" (Number 2).

4. Choose the variation that you have already created (number 3) and click on "Submit".

5. Click on "Start split test" (Number 4).

You can always delete the variation, edit the pages or preview them.

6. Once you've started the split test, you will see a statistics table that shows you the results of the test.


The pages involved in a split test will have different colors on the left menu. They will also have a distinctive icon on their left.

These pages can be duplicated, but they cannot be deleted or moved to another funnel.

You can also create a split test for your order forms by following the same steps.

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