In this article, we will see how to connect Thrive Leads to

What you will need:

a account
a popup form
an account on Wordpress

Create your popup form on your sales funnel, then copy the form code by clicking on "Embedded Form" (number 01 on the image).

Login to your WordPress admin account.

Go to "Thrive dashboard" (number 02 in the image).

Click on the popup you want to add and follow the steps below.

You click on your second popup and choose "State 1" (number 3 on the image).

Then, go to "Connect form service" (number 04 in the image).

Choose "HTML form connection" (number 05 on the image).

Paste the code of the embedded form you copied previously and click on "continue" (number 06 on the image).

This way you will be directly connected to
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