What do you need :

Systeme.io account
Sendgrid account

STEP #01 On your sendgrid account

Login to your sendgrid account by clicking HERE
Number 01 on the image

Click on " SETTINGS "
Number 02 on the image

You will get a list of options, click on " KEY API "
( Number 03 on the image

And then click on " CREATE KEY API "
Number 04 on the image

Give a name to this key
Number 05 on the image

Choose the option " FULL ACCESS "
Number 06 on the image

Click on " Create & view "
Number 07 on the image

Copy the key that sendgrid gave you
Numéro 08 sur l'image

For security reasons, sendgrid cannot show the key to you again make sure you got the key before clicking on " DONE "
Number 09 on the image

STEP #02 On your systemeio account

Login to your systemeio account by clicking HERE
Number 10 on the image

Click on your profil picture to open the parameter's menu
Number 11 on the image

Then click on " MAILING SETTINGS "
Number 12 on the image

Paste the API key in the field
Number 13 on the image
Click on " SAVE " in end of the page

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