In this article we will see how to save blocks in the editor.

What you will need:

-a account
-a page of a sales funnel
-a block already created on a page

With the functionality to save page "blocks" in the editor, here is what you can do with it:

- ability to save entire blocks in its page for reuse in other pages;

For example, we want to save this block shown in the image below in order to integrate it on another page.

Place your mouse cursor over the block you want to save, and click on the diskette icon to save the block (number 01 on the image)

Define a title for the block to easily locate it, and click on create (number 02 on the image).

To integrate it on another page, simply go to the editor of the page on which you want to integrate the saved block, and insert it as follows:

Click on "Blocks" (number 03 on the image), then drag and drop the block onto the page (number 04 on the image)

And your block is integrated on your page

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