What you will need:
A domain registered outside of Systeme.io
A systeme.io acount plan WEBINAR / ENTREPRISE / UNLIMITED

NOTE: a CNAME record can only point to one destination, so if you do wish to use a Subdomain for your funnels, please bare in mind it will ONLY point to your funnels and not to an external website.

Create Your CNAME Record

Sign into your account that hosting your domain (here we are using OVH for example)

Click " Add entray "

Select " CNAME ."

Enter your Subdomain into the Name input (remember, you can make any word your subdomain).
Enter customer.target.systeme.io. as the value.

Click " Save "

Check your DANS RECORD to confirm changes using this website:
link: https://dnschecker.org/

Insert your subdomain as: subdomain.domain.com
choose CNAME and hit Search

Results should look like this:

NOTE: it can take 24-48 hours for DNS Records to fully propagate.


Add your subDomain into systeme.io

From within your systeme.io menu settings, select " Custon Domains "

Click " Add Domain "

NOTE: it can take FEW hours for subdomain to be approved .
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