You need a PayPal Business account

Go to and sign up for a PayPal Business account or convert an existing Personal account to a Business account, it’s free.

Setup and Configuration

Add your Paypal credentials to

Go to: and then Dashboard > Payment gateways > Connect with Paypal
Enter your API Username, Password ans Signature
Learn how to get the Live API information (not Sandbox) from PayPal by logging into your account at
Select the option for NVP/SOAP API integration (Classic).

Configuring the PayPal dashboard - PayPal IPN URL:

It’s necessary for to set up your PayPal IPN URL.

PayPal Instant Payment Notifications (PayPal IPN) tells your store that payment has been successful (or not).
To learn more about how to set this up on PayPal, see: How to Activate IPN in your PayPal Account.

In your PayPal Business account, go to: Profile > Profile and settings > My selling tools.

Click on Instant payment notifications to set your URL.

Use the following URL:
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