How to subscribe contacts to a campaign when importing a contact list

In this article, we will see how to subscribe a contact to a campaign when importing a contact list on
What you will need:
  • a campaign created on the
  • a CSV file containing the contact list to be imported
Step 1: Choose the campaign
When you import your contact list to, click on the button "Choose a campaign" and select the campaign of your choice 
Step 2: Choose the column type 
The import file must contain the email address field of the contact, select the "Email" column.
As well as the following 2 additional fields:
  • Campaign step number in the system from which it was migrated, select the column "Select last sent email number column"
  • The date on which the user receives the email from the campaign step, select the column "Select last sent email date column" 
Then click on the "Import" button
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