How to subscribe contacts to a campaign while importing a list of contacts

After adding your CSV file into with your contact list, and you intend to add them to an email campaign, you might see this message at the bottom of the import screen:

This feature was developed for users who use campaigns in other systems and don't want to start promoting the campaign from the beginning for the same contacts.

For example:

A user uses the ActiveCampaign service to promote his product with an email campaign (campaign consists of 10 steps). Contacts of the user may already receive emails from campaign, so they stay on different campaigns steps.

An import file should contain 2 more fields along with contact email address:

  • A number that indicates which step of a campaign the contact may be at.
  • The date when the user receive campaign step email.

What this means is that you need to include a value (number) in your CSV file indicating where you would like that specific contact to enter your campaign.

Alternatively, if contacts that you import did not receive emails from campaign, then you can import them with tag, then go to contact list, filter them by tag add them to an email campaign.

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