How to generate API Key from SendGrid

In this article, you will learn how to generate an API Key from SendGrid

You will need :

    • A account

    • A SendGrid account

STEP #1 On your SendGrid account

Login to your SendGrid account by clicking HERE (Number 1 below)

Click on " SETTINGS " (Number 2)

You will get a list of options, click on " KEY API " (Number 3)

And then click on "CREATE KEY API"(Number 4)

Give a name to this key (Number 5)

Choose the "FULL ACCESS" option. (Number 6)

Click on "Create & View" (Number 7)

Copy the key that SendGrid gave you (Number 8)

For security reasons, SendGrid cannot show the key to you again so make sure you have taken down the key before clicking on "DONE" (Number 9)

STEP #2 On your account

Login to your account by clicking HERE (Number 10)

Click on your profile picture to open the settings menu. (Number 11)

Then click on "MAILING SETTINGS" (Number 12)

Check the box "I want to use my own Sendgrid API key" then paste the API key you copied from Sendgrid.

Click on "SAVE" when done. 

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