How to create a funnel

In this article, you will learn how to create a funnel.

You will need:

• a account

Go to the "Funnels" tab (number 1 in the image), then click on "+ Create" (number 2 in the image).

When you create a funnel, you have the ability to choose a "Name" for it, the domain name you want to assign to it, and the currency to use.

There are currently 4 different options to choose from when you create a funnel:

1. Build an Audience:

This is the simplest funnel structure. It only includes a Squeeze Page and an Opt-in Thank You Page. The purpose of this funnel is primarily to build your email list.

2. Sell:

A sales funnel is unique in that it comes preloaded with a customizable Order Form and Thank You Page. This funnel is used to generate sales for your business.

3. Custom: 

The custom funnel is perfect for those who have experience building funnels. It provides a blank template that can be used to create any kind of page that you want.

4. Run an evergreen webinar:

The Webinar funnel is a specially designed, 3-page funnel that is optimized to sell your webinars. 

The Webinar option is only available on "Webinar" and "Unlimited" subscriptions.

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