How to create a deadline for a sales funnel

This guide will walk you through the process of setting a deadline for a sales funnel.

To get started, you will need the following:

The Deadline feature allows you to offer a special deal for a limited time. After activating this feature within your funnel, you'll need to define the page's access timeframe in the time limit settings.

Please note that the deadline feature can only be used on "Order Form" and "Sales Page" funnel steps. It cannot be enabled for other types of pages, such as Squeeze pages, Inline forms, Thank-you pages, etc.

When you add a deadline to an "Order Form" or "Sales Page", this deadline applies to each prospect. In other words, every prospect will have a predetermined access period, regardless of when they registered.

Once the deadline passes for each prospect, they will be redirected to a page of your choice. You can select any page type for redirection.

A. How to create a deadline for a sales funnel?

1. Start by going to your sales funnel and click on "Deadline settings" (number 1 in the image).

2. Then, click on "Enable" (number 2 in the image).

3. Specify the number of days the pages will be available in the "Deadline page expires in" field (number 3 in the image).

For example, if you set the page expiration to 6 days, the funnel step will no longer be available 6 days after the contact registers.

4. You also have the option to choose the time when the deadline page should expire by checking the " Time when deadline page should expire" box and entering the exact time (number 4 in the image).

Note: The chosen time corresponds to the seller's time zone, not the contact's. For example, if you select 15:20, the page will expire at 15:20 on the sixth day after the lead registered.

5. In the " Funnel step to redirect to once the deadline has expired" field, select the page to which your leads should be redirected after the deadline (number 5 in the image).
Note: Any page type can be selected for redirection.
6. Finally, choose the page(s) to which you want to assign a deadline by checking the corresponding box(es) in the " Available funnel steps for deadline funnel" section (number 6 in the image).

Remember that only sales pages and payment pages can be used for deadlines.

IMPORTANT: Don't forget to save your Deadline settings when you're finished (number 7 in the image).

B. How to synchronize a deadline with a countdown timer on a page?

If you're using a countdown timer in your funnel, simply select the "Same as the deadline funnel settings" option in the page editor (number 8 in the image). The two features will automatically sync.

Note: You can use this feature only for the following funnel steps: "Order form" and "Sales page".

Important: For the deadline settings to work, your prospects must have previously subscribed, and the subscription form page should link directly or indirectly to the page with the deadline. In other words, the system must have the prospect's email address to display the page with the deadline.

Below are three scenarios to help you better understand how a page with a deadline behaves:

First Scenario:

  • Sales funnel with deadlines containing an opt-in page (page with an opt-in form): Pages with deadlines will no longer be available to prospects once the deadline passes.

Second Scenario:

  • Sales funnel without deadlines containing an opt-in page (page with an opt-in form) ~> redirects to a funnel page with a deadline: Pages with deadlines will no longer be available to prospects once the deadline passes.

Third Scenario:

  • Sales funnel with deadlines and no opt-in form: Pages with deadlines will remain available to prospects even after the deadline has passed.
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