How to connect your Transferwise account to automate payments to your affiliates

In this article, you will learn how to connect your Transferwise account to so that you can automate your payments to your affiliates. 

With you can automate the payment of your commissions by bank transfer via Transferwise

Here's how to do it:

 1. Create a "borderless account" account on Transferwise

Click here to open a "borderless account" account at Transferwise (it's free and easy to do)

  • The account you create must be a Business one, fill your profile details and enter your phone number.
  • Fill your profile details and enter your phone number.
  • Access your account settings by clicking on your name (top right)
  • Activate the 2-step login
  • Scroll down to “API tokens”
  • Click on “Add a new token”
  • Choose “Full access” and click on “Create token”
  • Copy the generated key

2. Connect your Transferwise account to your account

Click here to connect your Transferwise account (just click the button and follow the instructions)

Paste the Token provided by Transferwise

3Upload key provided by SIO

You will have to download the public key that we provide to you, in your Transferwise business account: 

Step 1:  go to setting then click on on API tokens 

Step 2: Click on Add new token then choose  Full access at the end click on the button "Create token" 

At this step you should click on Manage public keys 

Then you will have a pop-up  where you should add your key (see screenshot below) 

To get this key you should go to your account >> affiliate program settings 

In the end you just have to click on the button "Turn on SCA"  

4. Fund your Transferwise account

Every 10th of the month our system will automatically generate invoices for affiliates
and proceed to the payment of their commissions.

All you have to do is make sure your account is funded sufficiently and the system will take care of the rest

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