How to create a quiz in a course module

On this page, we will see how to create a quiz on a course module.
In the menu, go to "Products/Sales" and click on "Courses" (number 1 in the image), then click on your course (number 2 in the image)

To create a quiz on your module, you just have to go to the module in question, then click on the "Quiz" icon (number 3 in the image).

In order to start creating quiz questions, simply click on "Add a question" (number 4 in the image)

Enter your question (number 5 in the image), then click on "Save" (number 6 in the image)
You must then add answers to your question, by clicking on "Add an answer" (number 7 in the image)

Enter your answer (number 8 in the image), and uncheck the box  "Correct answer" in case it is a bad answer (number 9 in the image). Finally, click on "Save" (number 10 in the image)

Otherwise, if the answer is correct, you must tick this one (number 11 in the image)

At your course level, correct answers will appear with a green border, while wrong answers will appear with a red border.

In order for the quiz to appear to your students, you must first click on the "Activate Quiz" button (number 12 in the image)
Then, you have to click on "Confirm" to activate the quiz (number 13 in the image)
Your students will see your quiz as shown below, however, it is mandatory that all lectures of the module in question are already marked as completed.

If you want to deactivate the quiz, you just have to go to the quiz of your module, then click on the button "Deactivate quiz" (number 14 in the image)

You must then click on "Confirm" to deactivate the quiz (number 15 in the image)

Note : If you want to edit a question or answer in your quiz or add or delete new questions, you must first deactivate the quiz, then make the appropriate changes and reactivate it afterwards.

Important : 

When a student tries to open a lecture of the next module from the following modules, the student will not be able to access it, the following message will be displayed:  

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