How to fix the "No lectures yet" issue on your course

On this page, you'll learn how to solve the problem of the "No lectures yet" message that appears when you preview your course.
The "No lectures yet" message appears when you have not yet published the lectures of your course modules.

To fix this, first, go to the "Products/Sales" section (number 1 in the image), then to the "Courses" section (number 2 in the image)
If the error "No lectures yet" is displayed, it means that you have lectures that haven't been published yet, they are "Inactive" (they are in draft mode).
You just have to activate your lectures by clicking on "Activate", so that your lectures will be published (number 3 in the image).

By publishing your lectures, the "No lectures yet" message will no longer be displayed when you preview your course or when a student accesses your course.
Important: When you create a new lecture, it will be automatically saved as a draft, so you must always "Publish" your new lectures so that your students can access them.
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