How to promote your courses on your students' dashboard

In this article, you will learn how other courses that you sell can be promoted on your students' dashboard.

What you'll need:
  • a account
  • a student who has access to at least one of your courses
  • a new course

Why show your other courses to students?

Displaying your other courses right in the student dashboard is a great way to promote more of your courses and potentially make more sales.

Promoting other courses in the student dashboard

1. Go to the settings for the course you want to display on the students' dashboard (number 1 in the image).

2. Select a sales funnel, and then choose a sales funnel step (number 2 in the image).

Once you've configured these options, your course will automatically be added to the "Explore courses" tab in the student dashboard. When they click on "Get access", they will be taken to the funnel and funnel step defined in the previous configuration to complete the purchase.


  1. If a student already has access to a course, they can click on the "Open" button to start or resume the course.
  2. If they don't already have access to it, clicking on "Get access" will take them to the sales funnel to complete the purchase and get access to the course.
  3. Unless you define the "Sales funnel" and "Funnel step" parameters for your course (see image 2 above), it will not be displayed on the student dashboard.
  4. In order to be able to view your other courses in their student dashboard, a student must already have access to at least one of your courses.
  5. Only courses that are in the same language as the language set in the student profile will be displayed in the "Explore courses" tab. For example, if you offer courses in both French and English, and the student's language setting in their profile is set to French, only the courses in French will be displayed.

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