How to benefit from a free migration to

In this article, you will learn how to migrate your business to for free. offers free business migration with either Unlimited or Annual subscription plans. The migration includes the following as per the number allowed under each subscription:
  • Importing contact lists
  • Duplication of pages for all desired sales funnels
  • Duplication of blogs and articles 
  • Duplication of courses 
  • Transfering of emails and campaigns to
  • Duplicating automations

Once you have subscribed to an Unlimited or Annual plan, we recommend you contact us again at the support by clicking here, We can then forward your request to the migration team.


  • Question 1: What is the approximate waiting time for a migration request to be actionned? 
  • Answer 1: The time depends on the volume of requests we receive, the number of pages, and their complexity, as all content must be duplicated manually. For more details on the timeline, you can contact the migration team directly by clicking here.

  • Question 2: How long does a migration take on average?
  • Answer 2: The average duration of a migration is 17 days. That being said, the time it takes to complete a migration differs according to the needs of each client. The duration will depend mainly on the quantity and complexity of the content that needs to be migrated. As soon as your migration starts, the agent in charge of your ticket will analyze your content and provide you with an approximate estimate of the completion time.

  • Question 3: What will happen to my account on the other platform?
  • Answer 3: Your old account will not be modified. We simply duplicate the content on You can therefore continue to use it as usual. We simply ask you to not modify the content that we duplicate.

  • Question 4: Can I use during the migration?
  • Answer 4: Yes! You can use without any problem! However, we request that you do not change the content of duplicate pages, as it may slow down the process.

  • Question 5: What is the actual process?
  • Answer 5: Our team cannot perform too many migrations at the same time. It works on a "first come - first served" basis. At the beginning, we ask for login details to your old accounts to add your request to the list of pending migrations. Once it's your turn, we use these login details to access your content and start reproducing your business on your account. 

Note: Once the migration begins, you are regularly informed of the progress by email. You will also receive notifications about the major steps of the migration so that you can follow the progress live!

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