How to set up a GDPR compliant cookie banner ?

In this article, you'll learn how to set up a GDPR-compliant cookie banner.

What you'll need:
First, you need to create an account at Cookiebot and sign up:
Cookiebot's free plan only allows you to add one domain name (numbers 1 and 2 in the image). 
Next, in the "Dialog" tab, you will have to select the preferences and settings in the Cookies consent bar that you want to insert on your website pages (number 3 in the image)
Some features are only available for paid plans (e.g. custom design template & theme).
In the "Widget" tab, you can then activate the widget that will always be displayed on the pages of the site and will allow your visitors to easily access their consent status. (numbers 4 and 5 in the image).
Next, there is the "Declaration" tab, which is only available for paid users (number 6 in the image).
After that, go to the  "Content" tab, where you can describe the general purpose of the cookie use (number 7 in the image).
  1. Descriptions should be short, to the point, and attractive.
  2. The freemium user has the possibility to put these descriptions only in one language (English).
  3. Paid users can add other languages
  4. Paid users can tick a special box to recognize the language of the site visitors and display the consent bar in their language.
In the last tab "Your scripts" you will find two codes that you can copy and use on your site (number 8 in the image).
  • The first one must be inserted in the header of your site (number 9 in the image).
  • The second one must be inserted as an HTML element on the concerned page, where the cookie declaration must appear.

It is important to know that this can work for a blog as well. Just insert the code on the "Blog layout" page (in the header code), and it will be applied to all the blog pages and posts. 
Note: The site suggested on this page is an example of a site you can use, there are many other sites you can use to set up a cookie banner, they work the same way.
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