How to set up cash on delivery payment on

In this article, you will learn how to provide "cash on delivery" as an option to your customers on your payment pages.

To offer this payment option, you must connect the corresponding payment gateway.

Configuring the payment gateway

From your account, click on "Settings", located under your profile picture (number 1 in the image), then navigate to "Payment gateways" (number 2 in the image).

On the payment gateway panel, locate the "Cash on delivery" option, and click "Connect" (number 3 in the image).

If needed, add any customer instructions (number 4 in the image), then click on "Save" (number 5 in the image).

Activating "Cash on delivery" for your funnel

In the funnel editor, click on "Funnel settings" (number 6 in the image). On the "Edit funnel" popup that appears, click the "Cash on delivery" payment checkbox (number 7 in the image). Finally, click on "Save" to confirm your changes (number 8 in the image).

After following these steps, customers will now see C.O.D. as a payment option on your sales funnel payment pages.

Note: It is only possible to provide payment on delivery for physical products.

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