Why are my emails not being sent?

If you are using systeme.io to send an email, and it doesn't go through, please do not try to send it again.

Instead, you can find the reason why in this article:

1. New user e-mail checking:

We have to take a lot of precautions with new users to prevent them from damaging the deliverability of the platform, so here's how it works:

  • We send the first 100 emails right away
  • After the 100th email, we stop and wait 6 hours.
  • After 6 hours, we check the stats. If they are bad, we move the user to the quarantine pool.
  • If the stats are good, we send the next 100 emails.
  • After the 200th email, we stop again and wait another 6 hours.
  • After 6 hours, we check stats and move the user to the quarantine pool or high/medium/low-risk pool (if more than 500 emails have been sent and the account is older than 16 days). Otherwise, the user remains in the new users' group

2. Sending of your emails is suspended when you import a list of contacts:

A member of the support team will contact the user and ask them about the provenance of this list before they approve them again.

3. Use of suspicious words:

systeme.io uses an anti-spam filter that suspends the sending of an email if it contains a suspicious word.

Our team checks the emails. If the content is legit, they will allow the sending of the email, and they will approve the user so his/her emails are not to be delayed or blocked again for this.

If none of these reasons apply to your case, feel free to contact the support team, so they can assist you.

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