How to use's public API

Our public API feature is now available, and it marks a major turning point for our platform, opening up new opportunities for our users, partners, and developers.

What is an API ?

The acronym API stands for "Application Programming Interface", a series of instructions by which a platform offers services to other platforms. It's a strategic gateway for external developers, enabling them to access specific functionality or data from a platform in a structured, secure way. It's like a set of ready-to-use tools that make it easy to build new applications, services, or combinations.

In short, opens up to other platforms to offer its services where it has added value.

How does our public API work?

Our API exposes a carefully selected set of features, enabling developers to interact with our platform transparently and efficiently. If you'd like to know more about how it works, you can read our API documentation.

What can you do with our API?

Our API opens up some interesting possibilities, you will find some examples of uses for our public API application below:

1. Contact and tag management:

  • Create and update contacts: for creating new contacts or updating existing ones.
  • Delete contacts: for removing contacts that are no longer needed.
  • List and retrieve contacts: advanced filtering options for listing contacts and retrieving specific contact details.
  • Tag operations: facilitates creating, assigning, listing, and removing tags from contacts.

2. Triggering automations:

  • While the API itself doesn't directly trigger automations, actions performed through the API, such as creating a contact or assigning a tag, can trigger automations defined in
  • These automations can include tasks like enrolling a new contact in a course or adding them to a campaign, enabling users to set up complex, automated workflows that respond to API actions.


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