What is a two-step order form ?

This article will explain what a two-step order form is and how to configure it on systeme.io.

You will need :

  • a systeme.io account
  • a sales funnel
  • an order form

A two-step order form requires that customers first submit their contact information before proceeding to the payment details step.

Using this method, their contact details will be added to your email list, even if they do not finalize their payment.

Note: A two-step order form is a great way to build your contact list.

If you want to use a two-step order form on your order form page, drag the "Two-step order form" element onto your payment page :

NOTE: Customers who don't complete their purchase will automatically be added to your contact list.

Add an automation rule in step 1:

Since everyone who registers in the first step of the "Two-step order form" is registered in your contact list, you can also assign an automation rule, such as assigning a TAG or similar, to this contact.

To do this, go to the payment page that contains the Two-step order form (number 1 in the image), then click "Automation rules" (number 2 in the image).

Click "Add rule" (number 3 in the image), and select "Funnel step form subscribed" from the "Add trigger" popup (number 4 in the image). All you have to do is choose the action you want.

To learn more about how automation rules work, click here.

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