How to use the marketplace

In this article, you will learn how to use the marketplace inside

The purpose of the Marketplace is to connect sellers and affiliates, so that sellers can make more sales and affiliates can earn more affiliate commissions.

1. For affiliates

Just go to the marketplace, browse through the offers and choose an offer to promote.
On the page of an offer, you will have access to the following information:
- The seller's description of the offer
- Information about the seller
- Commission rate and the amount of commission earned

- The link to the Sales page

- The link to the Opt-In Page
Choose the page you would like to promote and click on Promote offer button:
A pop-up with your affiliate link will open. Copy the link to start promoting the offer:
We recommend that you:
  •  Send traffic to the opt-in page when you send traffic from social networks or from your blog.
  •  Send traffic to the sales page when you promote on your email list.

(that being said, for offers of $7 or less, you can send traffic directly to the sales page from social networks or from your site)

2. For sellers

On any sales funnel, you have a button in the top right corner to publish your offer on the marketplace.

(You can publish a Squeeze Page and/or a Selling Page)
- You can only publish on the marketplace offers for which you give affiliate commissions.
(Because the idea is to bring value to customers)
- Be sure to write a full description explaining the benefits of the offer you are proposing.
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