How to automate the sending of a series of emails

In this article, we will show you how to automate the sending of a series of emails (campaign).

What you will need:

Creating an automation rule:

On your Menu, click on "Automation rules". (indicated as number 01 in the image).

Then, you have to click on "Add a rule" to create an automation rule (indicated as number 02 in the image).


The trigger will initiate automation when an event of your choice occurs...
Click on the "Plus +" button next to the trigger (indicated as number 03 in the image).

You will have a list of triggers, choose an option according to your needs.
Ask yourself the question: who do I send these emails to?
* To the prospects registered in my squeeze page / Form / Popup: 
choose the option: Funnel step form subscribed,

 Then choose the title of your page.

* To customers who have just bought my product: choose the New sale option.
* To contacts that will have a specific tag: choose the option Tag Added
NB: The tag must be added to the contacts after the rule has been set.


Click on the "Plus +" button next to "Action". (indicated as number 04 in the image).

Choose the option "Subscribe to campaign".

Then select the title of your campaign.

Click on "Save the Rule" at the bottom to save.

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