How to resend a newsletter to those who did not open it

This guide will walk you through the process of resending a newsletter to recipients who did not open it the first time.

To get started, you will need the following:

  • a account
  • a newsletter that you have already sent

To resend the newsletter, follow these steps:

Navigate to the "Newsletters" section (number 1 in the image), located within the "Emails" tab.

Locate the specific newsletter you wish to re-send, then click on the three dots (...) associated with it. From the dropdown menu, select "Resend to contacts who did not open" (number 2 in the image).

Next, you have the option to either modify the subject title or retain the original title. Afterward, specify a date for when you want to resend the newsletter to those recipients who haven't opened it. Finally, click on "Duplicate and schedule" (number 3 in the image).

Notes :

  • The newsletter will only be re-sent to contacts who did not open it the first time.
  • If the newsletter remains unopened during the second send, you will no longer have the option to re-send it to those who didn't open it on the initial occasion.
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