How to create a course bundle

On this page, we will see how to create a course bundle.

What you'll need:

In the Menu, click on "Products/Sales" (number 1 in the image) and then, on "Course bundles" (number 2 in the image).

Click on the "+ Create" button (number 3 in the image) and insert the name of the course bundle (number 4 in the image), then click on "Save" (number 5 in the image).

Next, click on the "Add a course" button (number 6 in the image), and finally, choose the courses to form your bundle (number 7 in the image).

Once you have added courses to your course bundle, you can create a  "delay before start" for each course. I.e. a delay before the course is available.

Note: This only applies to course bundles sold with the "drip content" access type.

Once you have entered a delay in this parameter (number 8 in the image), you just have to save the change by clicking on "Save" (number 9 in the image).

Note: If the customer wants to sell a course bundle in "drip content" and the courses that are on the course bundle are configured with delays between each lecture, the content of the courses will be unlocked according to the pre-defined configuration, i.e. according to the delays configured at the level of each course, in addition to the delays configured at the level of the "delay before start" for the course bundle.

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