How to link between the pages of a funnel

In this article, you will learn how to make the link between the different pages of a sales funnel.

You will need:

The example funnel will look like this: Squeeze page >> Sale page >> Payment page >> Upsell >> Downsell >> and finally the Thank You page.

1. To set up the link between the squeeze page and the sales page: Configure the button on your squeeze page to "Send form" and redirect to the next step.

2. To make the link between the sales page and the payment page: Configure the button of your sales page to "Redirect to a page" and enter the URL of the order form.

3. The link between the order form and the other pages is done automatically. After validation of the payment, the customer is automatically redirected to the upsell page. In case of refusal, he will be redirected to the downsell page, and finally to the thank you page.
If the customer accepts the upsell offer, he will be redirected directly to the thank you page.

After a purchase, the customer is redirected to the first Upsell or Thank-You page (if Upsell does not exist), the other types of steps will be ignored.
If the Thank-You page does not exist, we will display our default Thank-You page.
Note: The sales funnel pages must be in the following order to work.

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