How to export a student's session log report

In this article, we will see how to download a student session log report.

What you will need :

In the menu, click on "Products" (number 1 in the image) and then "Courses" (number 2 in the image)

Enter the "Students" section (number 3 in the image) to see the list of students who have access to your courses. Navigate to the student's record and click on their email address to export the session log report (number 4 in the image).

Once you are on the student's file, go to the "Enrollments" section, click on the 3 dots and then on "Export session log report" to export the session log for this student (number 5 in the image).

On the popup that appears, select the time period to include (number 6 in the image) and click on "Download" (number 7 in the image).

Note: In order for student activity to be recorded, you will need to check the "Store student sessions" option in the "Courses'' settings (number 8 in the image).

Unless this option is checked, student activity will not be recorded.

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