How to insert an audio file on a page

On this page, you will learn how to add audio to your pages with the editor.

What you will need:
Drag the audio element into your page (number 1 in the image).
Click on the audio settings button so that the audio settings can be displayed (number 2 in the image).
Choose a source to upload your audio (number 3 in the image).
If you want to choose the source of an audio file that is on your computer, you have to choose the source "Upload audio file", then click on the cloud-shaped icon to insert your audio file (number 4 in the image).
If you want to use the "Direct link" option, insert a link to integrate an audio file that already exists online (number 5 in the image).
Note: The format types supported by are: ogg, mpeg, mp3, wav, wave, x-wav, flac & x-flac.
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