How to set up email notifications for when a lecture in a drip access course becomes available

In this article, you will learn how to set up an email for drip content access to a course to inform your students of the availability of a lecture. 

Preamble: When setting up a course with drip access, delays are scheduled between lectures. This enables you to send personalized emails to notify your students when a lecture becomes unlocked.

To do this, click on "Products" from the navigation bar, then on "Courses". Then go to the lecture on which you would like to set up an email when it becomes available.

Click on the 3 dots for the lecture you want to add the email to, then select "Create a drip access email".

In the "Create email" popup that appears, add the subject, sender's name, and sender's email address, then choose which email editor you want to use: "Visual editor" or "Classic editor".

After saving, you will be redirected to the email editor to edit the email that will be sent to your students after the lecture is unlocked.

Once you're done editing the email, click on "Save".

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