How to configure an email for dripped access to lectures as soon as a lecture becomes available?

In this article, you will learn how to set up an email for drip content access to a course, in order to inform your students of the availability of a lecture. 
You will need:

As soon as you configure a drip access course, delays are set up between lectures. This means that as soon as a lecture is unlocked, you have the possibility to send a personalized email to tell your students that it has been unlocked. 

To do so, go to the relevant course.

Then, go to the summary of the module, and click on the arrow next to the "Module" button (number 1 in the image) to display the lecture's menu.

Once the summary of the lectures is displayed, a list of icons is shown on the line of each lecture. The one we are interested in is the envelope icon (see image below).

Click on the icon (shown above). This will open the page where you can edit the email that will be sent to your students when the lecture involved is unlocked.

The email editing page allows you to edit the email that will be sent to your students as soon as the deadline has arrived. 

Once done editing, remember to click on "Save" in order to save the email (number 2 in the image). 

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