How to add a video to a page

In this article, you will learn how to add a video to a page.

You will need:

  • a account
  • a page
  • a video on your computer or a video hosting site (YouTube, Vimeo, or others...)

Go to the page editor and drag the "Video" element onto your page (number 1 in the image).

Click on the "Video settings" icon to configure the video element (number 2 in the image), the video settings will appear on the left side of the page editor (number 3 in the image).

You have 3 options to insert a video:

  1. Direct link (YouTube, Vimeo ..etc)
  2. Custom embed (as HTML/JS code)
  3. Upload file (a file hosted on your computer)

Please note that for your video to work properly, 2 important parameters need to be configured:
1. Autoplay: Set this parameter to "on or off", depending on whether the video should play automatically or only when the visitor clicks on the "Play" button.
2. Controls: Set this parameter to "on or off", depending on whether the video should display a control bar with settings to manage sound, video start/pause, subtitle, and display the video in full-screen mode

Important: When choosing the 3rd option for the video type, you will have the option to select a welcome thumbnail image in addition to the two features described above.

Note: When adding a thumbnail image, we recommend using the same dimensions for the image as for the video.

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