GoDaddy DNS settings (root domain)

In this article, you will learn how to add DNS settings to GoDaddy to connect your main domain. 

You will need: 

  • a account
  • a domain name registered with GoDaddy

Going through this will ensure you can add your full website ( to for use as a custom domain in your funnels and blogs, which can be helpful to your branding.

If you have a domain registered in GoDaddy and want to use that domain exclusively in, this will teach you how.

Note: Please follow the first step of this article before completing this one.

After adding root domain into you must see the DNS settings.



First CNAME:

  • Sign in to your GoDaddy Account.
  • Select your Domain's DNS settings.
  • If a CNAME with the name www exists, edit the target to
  • If it does not, click Add at the bottom right.
  • Select CNAME.
  • Enter www into the Name input.
  • Enter as the value.

Second CNAME:

  • Click Add at the bottom right.
  • Select CNAME.
  • Enter _fac70b61d28cda1e71cdcd13ef81b4cd.www into the Name input.
  • Enter as the value.

Add a Forwarding Rule

  • Without leaving that screen, scroll down to your Forwarding Settings area
  • Select https://.
  • Enter (replace with your actual domain name).

Select Permanent (301).
Select Forward Only.
Press Save.

Please complete the next step in the article.

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