How to add a tag to my affiliate link

In this article, you will learn how to add a tag to an affiliate link, to track the traffic source.

This can be done using the "TK" parameter, which should be added to the link just after the affiliate ID, following the steps below:

1. Create the affiliate link: Just add "?sa=AFFILIATEID" at the end of the URL replacing "AFFILIATEID" with your affiliate ID.
Click here to see the detailed procedure.  
2. Add &tk= at the end of the affiliate link
3.  Add the tag you want
Example: You want to add the tag "youtube" to the affiliate link to promote the homepage of
Let's say your affiliate ID is: sa00041537157dbe466c95a6395de4e031d503bea587
The "youtube" tag will be added to all sales made from this link.
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