How to use the FAQ element

In this article, you will learn how to add an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) element to your page.

What you'll need :

  • an active account 
  • a sales funnel page

Go to the page editor by clicking the "Edit Page" button.

On the elements pane on the left, scroll down to "Other" and drag and drop the "FAQ" element onto your page:

Click on the "FAQ" element to open its settings:

By default, you will see "How does your product work?" as the first question. 

You can change it by deleting the default text and adding your own question.

In the "Drag and drop your first element" field, drag and drop an element from the elements pane on the left.

Typically a Text element is used for this purpose, however, you can use any element you want (Image, Video, or even the Audio element).

In our first example, we will use the "Text" element.

Click on the Text element, drag it onto the page, drop it into the "Drag and drop your first element here" field, and replace the existing text with your own:

To add another frequently asked question to your page, click on the "FAQ" element again to open its settings then click on the "Add FAQ item" button.

You can edit the default text for this question by deleting it and replacing it with your own.

You can then drag the desired element and drop it into the "Drag and drop your first element here" field.

In our second example, we will use the "Video" element :

You can find instructions on how to use the Video element here: How to integrate a video into a page.

Repeat these steps as required until your "FAQ" section is complete.

You can choose the opened and closed state icons from the Icon selector drop-down menus, or remove them completely.

To change the colors of the title, background, and icons, scroll down to the "Colors" section in the options editor on the left:

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