What happens when a customer's subscription payment fails

Subscription to systeme.io 

When you attempt to purchase a subscription from systeme.io, there may be a failed payment.

Our system will make a second attempt seven (7) days after the first attempt, if another payment failure occurs, a third attempt will be made after another seven (7) days, if another payment failure occurs, after seven (7) days, a fourth and final attempt will be made before the subscription is automatically canceled.
There will be a total of three (3) payment attempts after the main one, with an interval of seven (7) days, after which the subscription will be canceled. 

Note: The delay between each attempt to charge is 7 days for users/customers whose payment method is by credit card, for those who pay via PayPal, the delay is 5 days instead of 7 days.

Access to your subscription:
After you have entered your bank details, and while waiting for the payment to be validated, you will receive your access to your systeme.io account.
If after the three (3) other attempts, in addition to the main one, your payment is not confirmed, your access will be canceled. 

Payment of a subscription from a customer that fails to go through:

When your customer buys a course from you, the access to the course is automatically sent to him. 

If the payment fails, the principle is the same as for the subscription to systeme.io
There will also be three (3) other payment attempts, after which access to the course will be suspended. 

Payment of a Customer's subscription:

In the event that a customer has a subscription payment plan, and a failed payment is detected the same procedure applies as for other cases, the system will make a total of four (4) payment attempts, after which the subscription will be canceled.
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