How to integrate Razorpay with

In this article, you will learn how to integrate your Razorpay account with your account. 

To get started, you will need:

Setup and configuration

1. To connect your Razorpay account to your account, click on your profile picture and then on "Settings" (number 1 in the image). 

In the menu on the left of the page, click "Payment Gateways" (number 2 in the image), then on  "Connect" (number 3 in the image).

2. Add your Razorpay credentials to your account: 

Generating the API keys ID/Secret

To get the API keys ID/secret information from your Razorpay, log into your Razorpay account, go to "Settings" (number 4 in the image), and then to "API Keys" (number 5 in the image). 

Generate and copy the API keys ID/secret (number 6 in the image).

Alternatively, log in to your account and go to to generate and copy the API keys ID/secret.

Configuring the Razorpay webhooks

1. Copy the webhook URL and secret from the Razorpay section in your account.

2. Click on "Settings" (number 7 in the image), then, from your Razorpay account, go to "Webhooks" (number 8 in the image) and click on "Add new webhook" (number 9 in the image).

3. In the popup that appears, paste the webhook URL and the webhook secret. 

Tick the following fields to configure events: 

Payment events:

  • payment.authorized
  • payment.failed
  • payment.captured

Order events:

  • order.paid

Invoice events:

  • invoice.paid

Subscription events:

  • subscription.authenticated
  • subscription.paused
  • subscription.resumed
  • subscription.activated
  • subscription.pending
  • subscription.halted
  • subscription.charged
  • subscription.cancelled
  • subscription.completed
  • subscription.updated

Refund events:

  • refund.processed
  • refund.created

IMPORTANT: Make sure to tick the events listed above.

Without them, will not be able to access the required information to collect the transactions/subscriptions and customers will not have access to the resources.

Note:  Unless the email field is part of the order form, it will not be possible to process the payment through the payment gateway.

What happens when a Razorpay payment fails?

In addition to the main payment attempt, three attempts will be made, with one day between each attempt. The delay between each attempt cannot be changed. However, the seller has the option of making a new direct debit attempt without waiting for the one-day delay from his Razorpay dashboard. However, it is important to note that this will not affect the maximum number of attempts.

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