How to import or export a contact list

In this article, you will learn how to import or export a CSV contact file to
You will need:
  • A account;
  • An email list in CSV format.

1- Import an email list :

First, save your Excel file in CSV format, while selecting the type of delimiter (comma, semicolon, or vertical bar).

Please open your CSV file in Excel, then click on "File" (Number 1 below).

Click on " Save as", then select the type of separator (in this case a comma was used).
Finally, click on " Save".
Once the contacts file is saved, go to your account, then go to " Contacts", after that click on the " Import contacts" button.

Click on the "Choose file" button, and select the delimiter (from your CSV file) and the tag you want to assign to these contacts:

Then select " Email" as the data type for the column, and finally click on " Import":

2. Exporting an email list :

Select the contacts you want to export and click on " More actions", then on " Export".

You will receive an email containing a CSV file with your list to the email address associated with your account.
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