How to create an upsell and a downsell

In this article, you will learn how to create an upsell and a downsell.

What you'll need:
Go to your funnel and click on "Create step", then choose "Upsell" or "Downsell"
Put the upsell after the main order form page and downsell after the upsell: 

You'll need to configure the resources of your payment page, so that your customer can access their product after payment.

1. Add a course: After validation of the payment, your customer will automatically have access to the course.

2. Add a course bundle: After validation of the payment, your customer will have access to a membership course bundle (a pack of several courses created beforehand).

3. Add a tag: After validation of the payment, your customer will have a specific tag (that you have chosen).

4. Add a physical product: After validation of the payment, the customer will receive a physical product that you must deliver in an external way, because this can not be done at the level of The sales will appear in the "Products/Sales" tab => "Orders" in your account.

You can also add one or several pricing plans to your payment page (Click here to see how to create a price plan).

Note: It is important to add buttons to accept or decline the offer in the editor of your upsell and downsell pages, so the customer will always have the option to accept or decline.

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