How to set up double opt-in

In this article, you will learn how to implement a double opt-in.

You will need:

To activate the double opt-in go to The Editor of your page. (Number 1 below)

Then click on "Button Settings" on your page. (Number 2)

Check the box " Do you want to activate double opt-in for this form ?" to activate double opt-in. (Number 3)

You can change the confirmation email that's sent to the prospect after registration.
To do so, go to " Email Settings". (Number 4)

Click on "Modify the confirmation email". (Number 5)

Finally, click on "Save". (Number 6)

Notes :

  • We advise you to implement double opt-in on your blog forms to improve the deliverability of your emails.
  • If the contact has not clicked on the confirmation link within 24 hours of registering, it's automatically deleted.
  • The double opt-in is activated (or not) on each form (not at account level).
  • All emails and automation are put on hold until the contact has confirmed his registration by clicking on the confirmation link.
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