Facebook group rules

Facebook Group Rules

We have created a Facebook group to allow systeme.io users to communicate with each other.

Read this article carefully to understand how it works and what the rules are.

When to use the Facebook group (and when to contact support)

The purpose of the Facebook group is to allow you to communicate and exchange information with other systeme.io users:
- marketing strategies
- help for using systeme.io
For any other question (technical problem, question about your subscription) you must contact the support team.
(only our technical team is able to evaluate a problem and provide a solution)
If you have a technical problem, asking for help on the Facebook group instead of contacting support will waste your time.

Facebook group rules:

- courtesy is required
- no affiliate links to be posted on the group
- do not tag the admins (especially Aurélien Amacker)
Any violation of these rules will result in the deletion of the message concerned.
If there is a repeat, the person will be banned from the Facebook group.
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