Facebook group rules

We have created a Facebook group to allow systeme.io users to communicate with each other. Carfefully read this article carefully to understand how it works and the rules to follow.

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When to use the Facebook group

The purpose of the Facebook group is to allow you to interact with other systeme.io users on topics, such as:

When to contact Support

Our support team has the knowledge and experience necessary to quickly evaluate a problem and provide an effective solution.

We recommend contacting the support team if you are facing any other issues such as:

  • technical problems
  • questions about your subscription
Asking for technical assistance on the Facebook group instead of directly contacting support will result in significant delays in resolving your issue.

Facebook group rules:

  1. Be friendly and polite: Creating a warm and welcoming environment is everyone's responsibility. Treat everyone with respect. It's okay to have constructive debates, but it's essential to remain friendly.
  2. No promotions or affiliate links: You may post useful content for the community that contains affiliate links, but you may not post affiliate links directly on the group.
  3. Do not report technical problems: For any question other than marketing strategies or how to use systeme.io (i.e. technical problems, questions about your subscription) you should contact our support team.
  4. Don't tag the admins (especially the founder, Aurelian): We have created a Facebook group to allow Systeme.io users to interact with each other.
  5. Use correct and clear language: The post must be written in English and respect grammar and spelling rules.
  6. Do not offer general services or advice: If you wish to offer advice or tips, they must be directly related to the use of systeme.io or the management of a business on the Internet, and the information/advice must be accurate and specific. Any post used for the purpose of generating new customers or prospects is not allowed within the group.
  7. Share content directly on the group: Information shared within the group must be accessible to all members directly on the group itself. No messages requesting comments or private contact will be allowed. It is also forbidden to offer or promote services of any kind.
  8. Do not spam group members: Contacting a group member to offer services or products without their consent is forbidden. Any member who spams others (DM or comment) will be blocked and removed from the group.
  9. Provide a link when requesting a partnership: For any partnership request, it is mandatory to provide the URL of the offer on the marketplace.

Any violation of these rules will result in the deletion of the message concerned.

If there is a repeat offense, you will be banned from the Facebook group.
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