Why do my Paypal payments not appear?

In this article, you will find out why PayPal payments might not appear on your systeme.io account. 

What you will need:
When a PayPal payment has been made by a customer and does not appear in the list of transactions in your systeme.io account, you must first make sure that you have properly configured the IPN settings in your PayPal account, since these settings are what notify systeme.io that a payment has been made successfully (or not).

Even if you have configured your IPN parameters, PayPal can take up to 24 hours to confirm a payment, and it is quite normal for the transaction to not appear in your transaction list on systeme.io.

It should be noted that sometimes PayPal does not send a webhook to systeme.io for a reason that is unknown to us, and this does not allow transactions to be displayed at the systeme.io level. This can happen even if the IPN settings of the client were properly configured.

In this case, to rectify this and have access to your customers' invoices, you must manually send the webhooks back to systeme.io from the payments that are displayed on your PayPal account.

In order to do this, you must go to the PayPal article on this topic by clicking here and resend the IPN messages.

After that, the transaction and the corresponding invoice will be created. If you need more help from PayPal, we recommend that you contact PayPal support.
Note: The problem doesn't occur for single payments, because we don't need a webhook from PayPal to display them. However, for payment plans and subscriptions, it is important to first receive the webhook from PayPal to be able to run the request, so that the invoice will be generated automatically.
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