How to send invoices to one of your clients

This guide will walk you through how to send invoices to one of your clients.

To get started, you will need the following:

To send invoices to your clients, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to your " Transactions" page (number 1 in the image), located within the " Sales" tab.

2. On the transaction page, you'll find a small table on your left, which consists of various filters:
  • Customer email
  • Any offer
  • Any type of transaction
  • Transaction handled on or after
  • Transaction handled on or before

In the "Customer email" filter, you can search for your customers using their email addresses. Simply insert the email in the field and click on "Filter." The other filters allow you to narrow down your search by specifying the customer's subscribed offer, transaction type (sale, refund), purchase date, or course.

3. After entering the email and applying the filters (number 2 in the image), the relevant information will appear in the box on the right. To send an invoice, hover your mouse over the invoice you wish to send and drag it to the rightmost side.

Once you have entered the email and filtered the transactions (number 2 in the image), the invoices will appear to th right.

To send aspecific invoice to the customer, click on the 3 dots and select " Send invoice to Customer" (number 3 in the image).

If you need to send multiple invoices, you can either click on the airplane icon for each invoice individually or export all the invoices at once and provide them to the customer.

For instructions on exporting multiple invoices from your customers, click here.

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