Is it possible to contact our support team on the phone?

We offer a 1-hour technical assistance call for users who subscribe to the unlimited plan. Otherwise, we only offer support to our customers via email.
(Our support team has an average response time of under 2 hours, and we'll answer your questions 7 days a week!)
For the other plans, we have very low prices to give as many people as possible the opportunity to use our tool, but we don't offer individual coaching.
On the other hand, these pricing plans don't allow us to offer any free support or coaching over the phone due to time constraints.

However, you should know that we offer 2 hours of technical assistance for $57 if you wish to have a general overview of's features and ask your questions.

If you have an unlimited plan and would like to take advantage of the free hour or if you subscribe to the technical assistance of 2 hours, a support member of will schedule an appointment with you for your technical assistance call. Please contact support via email for more information here.

Except for these two possibilities, it is unfortunately not possible to speak with a member of our support team on the phone. We, therefore, recommend that you ask your question on the Facebook group or contact our support team via email.

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