How to create an affiliate link from a blog post

In this article, you will learn which pages the affiliate program works on and how to add your affiliate link to the URL to earn 60% of lifetime commissions on

You will need:

1. How does it work:

You receive a 60% commission on all sales of Aurelien Amacker's training courses or subscriptions (sales of individual training courses or subscriptions such as Business Pass or Coaching Pass).

The affiliation proposed by works on all the forms and with all the pages created with (Blog articles, capture page, sales page, payment page, etc...).

To learn more about how the affiliate program works, click here.

2. How to add your affiliate link to the URL:

You simply have to add: ?sa=YOURAFFILIATEID at the end of the URL (replacing YOURAAFFILIATEID with your own affiliate ID).


Let's say your affiliate ID is: sa00041537157dbe466c95a6395de4e031d503bea587

Suppose the blog post link is:

Your affiliate link to promote a page of this blog post is therefore

To find your affiliate ID, as well as your various affiliate links, go to "Dashboard" then "Affiliate Dashboard" (number 1 in the image).

Your affiliate code can be found at the top of the page (number 2 in the image).

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