How to create a master block

In this article, you will learn how to create a master block. 

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A block gives you the possibility to save entire blocks of a page for reuse in other pages. 

As for the "Master Block", it has the same function as a block, but in addition to this, when you make a modification to it, this modification also applies to all the pages on which the Master Block is located. 

If you have the master block on page A, then you reuse it on page B, page C, etc., if you modify an element (text, color, etc.), this change will be applied to the master block present on all the pages.

How to create a Master Block?

You can create a block on any element on a given page. 

This can be the whole page from the "Section" (number 1 in the image).

Then, click on the floppy disk icon to save the block (number 2 in the image).

A popup will appear to allow you to give the block a title (number 3 in the image).

If you want this block to be a "Master block", you must tick the box named "Do you want to create a master block?" (number 4 in the image).

If you want to save a "Row" as a block, the principle is the same as for a "Section".

IMPORTANT: As indicated, any modification made to a "Master Block" present on a page, will result in the same modification on all the pages on which this one is present, even if you delete it because if you delete a Master Block from a page, it will be deleted from all the pages on which it is present.

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