How to create and configure your own affiliate program

This guide will walk you through the process of creating and configuring your affiliate program.

To get started, you will need the following:

Why have my own affiliate program?

By creating an affiliate program similar to the one offered by, you can reward promoters through commissions, in exchange for promoting your products.'s affiliate program settings provides a default configuration as the starting point for your affiliate program. These settings are identical to the ones used by in its affiliate program.

To view these settings:

  1. Click on your profile photo
  2. Click on "Settings"
  3. Click on "Affiliate program" from the panel on the left

The configuration provided by default is as follows:

  1. Default commission (%): 40% 
  2. Minimum payout amount: $30.00 (depending on the country's currency)
  3. Second-tier affiliate commissions (%): 0
  4. Default payout delay: 30 (days)

The conditions for the affiliate commission payout are as follows:

  1. You receive 40% on the number of sales.
  2. Commissions are paid after accumulating a minimum of $30.00 (or other currency).
  3. They are paid after 30 days from the customer's purchase date.
  4. There is a 0% commission for the second level.

Configuring your affiliate program

Important notes

  1. It is essential to fill in all four fields to validate your affiliate program.
  2. The "Minimum amount for payment of affiliate commissions" and "Second tier affiliate commissions" apply immediately on all your payment pages.
  3. With the exception of the "Default percentage commissions (%)" and "Default payment period for affiliate commissions", these settings can be modified for each order form page.

Modifying the settings from the "Affiliate Program" configuration section 

1. Default commissions (%):

This is the percentage of sales you will pay your affiliates whenever they make a sale promoting your offer.

For example: 

If you have a product priced at $22.50 (without VAT) and you offer affiliates 40% of sales, the commission they receive will be $9.00 per sale.

2. Minimum payout amount:

This setting is used to set a minimum amount to start paying commissions, so you can avoid generating invoices with a low amount. By setting a minimum amount of $50.00, your affiliates must have $50.00 pending or more before an invoice is generated, and you can pay them.

3. Second-tier affiliate commissions (%):

This setting allows you to set a percentage of commission you want to give to the main affiliate, so when your affiliates' referrals make affiliate sales of your offer, the main affiliate will get his part which will be the percentage you set for second tier commissions.

For example: 

In this example, the Default commission has been set to 40% and the Second-tier affiliate commission has been set to 5%.

If Affiliate A promotes your offer priced at $80.83 and Customer A subscribes to it through Affiliate A's link, Affiliate A will receive a 40% commission ($32.33).

Afterward, Customer A also becomes your affiliate and makes a sale to Customer B for the same offer using their affiliate link. In this case, Customer A has become Affiliate B, and will earn a 40% commission for the sale to Customer B ($32.33).

Since Affiliate A referred Affiliate B, they will get a second-tier commission (5%) of $4.40.

4. Default payout delay:

This setting allows you to set a delay before each sale can be paid, this usually avoids paying commissions for an offer that has a money-back guarantee, so we suggest our users take this setting into account so that it matches your terms and conditions.

Lifetime affiliation

This is a lifetime affiliation and the contacts that are sent by affiliates and their referrals are identified with their affiliate ID in the database. Even if the contacts were to make a purchase 6 months or 1 year later, the affiliates would still receive their commissions.

Modifying commission settings from your order form page

To modify the affiliate commission settings from your order page: navigate to your funnel, then to the "Order form" page, then click on "Affiliate commissions" (see image below).

Notes :

  1. You can change the amount of commission for the Product on the Sales Page of your choice. 
  2. You can change the payment period for affiliate commissions. 

Afterwards, the save process will be automatic.

Preventing the promotion of a page

To override the Default commission that would normally be applied globally to your sales pages, set the value of the Affiliate commission field to 0% on the order form of your sales funnel.


Do I need a subscription to promote the affiliate program?

No, you don't. Simply sign up for free to the affiliate program to receive your affiliate link and access to the affiliate dashboard.

I am a customer and receive affiliate commissions. Will I continue to receive them even if I cancel my subscription?

Yes, participation in the affiliate program is completely independent of whether you are a customer or not.

Can we have the contact details of the contacts we have sent with our affiliate link?

Unfortunately not, as this information is strictly confidential.

Can we have the contact details of the customers who have purchased through our affiliate link?

It is possible that the email address will appear in the affiliate dashboard, in the details of each sale.

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