What happens when my account gets restricted

This page will explain the systeme.io restriction process, and what happens to your account when it gets restricted.

Each systeme.io plan has a limited number of contacts that can be managed by the user. Click here to see the features offered for each systeme.io subscription plan.

When will my account be restricted?
The account can be restricted in two situations:
1. Exceeding the subscription plan's contact limit:
  • Freemium Plan: 2 000 contacts
  • Startup Plan: 5 000 contacts
  • Webinar Plan: 10 000 contacts
  • Unlimited Plan: Unlimited contacts

2. Exceeding the limits of the options offered:

This occurs in the case where :

  • The user cancels his subscription to switch to the freemium plan
  • The user switches from a higher subscription to a lower subscription

You can see your current subscription and the limits of the options offered by going to your "Profile picture" >> "Settings" >> "My plan"

We highly suggest that you prevent account restriction as soon as possible so that you don't lose out on any new leads or sales. Make sure to keep an eye on the size of your contact list and follow the steps given below when necessary. 

The pre-restriction process :

If a user exceeds the limits of their offer, we initiate a pre-restriction process to warn them that unless they reduce the content of their account by deleting the excess items, their account will be restricted at the end of the pre-restriction process:

  • First, we'll send three warning emails to the user — one per day.
  • Additionally, an alert will be displayed on the systeme.io dashboard:

The pre-restriction period will provide you with enough time to prevent the restriction process, which can be done in 2 ways:

1. By upgrading your systeme.io subscription to a higher plan: In this case, you will get a higher contact limit, and more features available. To view our pricing plans, please click here.

If you can't find the right subscription for you, you should contact support here.

2. Removing extra items:
  • In case of exceeding the limits of the available options: To easily identify excess items and proceed with their removal, go to profile picture >> settings >> my plan, where they will be displayed in red in the subscription summary table.
  • In case of exceeding the limit of contacts: In this case, you must proceed to clean your email list, as explained in this article. However, if you do not have any inactive contacts, you can always delete contacts using other criteria by following the instructions in this article

The restriction process:

If the number of contacts still exceeds the user's limit on the fourth day, we begin the restriction process:

  • We send a final warning email informing the user that their account is restricted.
  • An alert is displayed on the systeme.io dashboard.

Once your account has been restricted, some features on your account will be disabled:

  • Opt-ins and payments will no longer work.
  • Newsletters can no longer be created.
  • Scheduled newsletters are not sent.
  • Importing of contacts will be forbidden.
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