Integrating your subdomain with

In this page, you will learn how to integrate your subdomain into

What you'll need :

Important note 1: a subdomain can only be used for one site. If the one you intend to connect to is already used by an external site, it will no longer work anymore after being added to

Important note 2: this guide is intended to integrate your subdomain (e.g. If you want to use a root domain name, you must click here.

Step 1: on your account

1.1 Click on your profile picture, then click on "Settings". Once in the settings area, click on "Custom Domain" and then on "Add a domain name":

1.2 A pop-up will appear. You should enter your subdomain name "" then click Save.

1.3 Once the subdomain is added and saved, a new popup appears. You will see two lines of values that we call CNAME. These CNAME are the DNS records that you will add to your hosting platform to integrate your subdomain name into

Step 2: On your web hosting platform

Now you need to log into your hosting account to add the CNAMEs of the pop-up
Here are the respective settings for users from the two hosting services OVH and GoDaddy:

Note 3: Regarding other web hosting services, it is necessary to contact their support to know the location of the settings you will need if you can't find them.

Now, once you are on your web hosting provider, you need to follow the general instructions below:
2.1 Go to your DNS zone to create new CNAMEs.
2.2 You have two CNAMEs showing up on your account, so you will need to create two DNS records on your host and add them as follows :

>> First CNAME :

Host (name) : subdomain

Value (target) :

>> Second CNAME :

Host (name) : _a41fe7898323c8ea5ebaf16307a266e6.subdomain

Value (target) :

(The records above are examples; you must add your own entries).
Here is an image of the elements you need to add to your host provider: 

Check your DNS RECORDS to confirm the changes using this website :

The indicators should all be green, like the example below. If not, the records have not been entered correctly. You need to reconsider your DNS: 

Note 4: It can take between 24-48 hours for DNS Records to fully propagate.

Note 5: Sometimes your host may not be able to record your CNAMEs due to a conflict with another DNS. 

At this point, you should contact your web hosting provider to find out the importance of these DNS and gives you the authorization to delete them.
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