Integrating your subdomain into

In this article, you will learn how to integrate your subdomain into

You will need:

    • a domain registered outside of
    • a account with the STARTUP / WEBINAR / ENTERPRISE plan

NOTE: A CNAME record can only point to one destination, so if you do wish to use a Subdomain for your funnels, please bear in mind it will ONLY point to your funnels and not to an external website.

NOTE: These guides are intended to connect your Subdomain Domain ( with If you want to use a main domain instead of a subdomain, go here.


Add your Subdomain into

From within your menu settings, select Custom Domains

Click  Add Domain and insert your subdomain name. Example:

You will see DNS settings on the second popup which you will need in the next step.


Create Your CNAME Records

Sign in to your account that is hosting your domain and create two DNS records with type CNAME that you were asked in the previous step:

  • Go to DNS settings (DNS zones)
  • Click Add record
  • Select CNAME
  • Enter the subdomain into the Host input
  • Enter as the target (pointed to).
  • Click Save

Do the same with the second records:

  • Go to DNS settings (DNS zones)
  • Click Add record
  • Select CNAME
  • Enter the subdomain _a41fe7898323c8ea5ebaf16307a266e6.subdomain(EXAMPLE) into the Host input
  • Enter as the target (pointed to) .
  • Click Save

Check your  DNS RECORDS to confirm changes using this website:

Results should look like this:

NOTE: It can take between 24-48 hours for DNS Records to fully propagate.

NOTE: It can take a few hours for the subdomain to be approved.

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