How to sell your ebook

In this article, you will learn how to sell your e-book using

What you will need: 

It is possible to provide people with access to your  "Ebook" resource in 3 different ways:
  1. You can send it as a file via an attachment in an email.
  2. You can also send it as a download link to a file (this method is better for the deliverability of your email, as the weight of the email will be reduced).
  3. Add a direct download link of the ebook on the thank-you page, where the customer will be redirected after purchase to download the ebook.
1) Add the ebook as an email attachment
On your payment page, you have to select the offer type (Digital or Physical), then you will add in its resources "Add a tag" (number 1 in the image) so that each customer who purchases gets tagged automatically.
You can then create an automation rule whose trigger is "New sale" and the action "Send email" (number 2 in the image) which occurs when someone buys the offer, then click on "+" to create the email (number 3 in the image)

Add your ebook as an attachment (number 4 in the image)
Note: the maximum size of a file to add as an attachment is 5 MB
Finally, click on "Save rule" (number 5 in the image)

This process ensures that each customer who makes a purchase via your payment page will automatically be assigned a tag and will receive an email containing your e-book. 

2) Add the ebook to the email through a downloadable link of the file

You must first host the ebook file on Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, or a host of your choice, and then add the link in the body of your email. 
3) Add the ebook on the thank-you page 
You can proceed as described in the article: " How to add a downloadable file"
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