How to create a blog

In this article, you will learn how to create a blog using

What you'll need:
    • a account

Go to the "Blog" tab (number 1), then click on create (number 2) :

Complete the fields, name and Path of the URL , then click on "Create" (number 3)

Once you have created your blog, you will be able to modify the pages of your blog by clicking on "Pages"
(number 4)

Then you can create or modify your pages (home page, list of articles, contacts...) by clicking on "create a blog page" (number 5), or by clicking on “ modify” (number 6) to modify the page from the editor.

When you create a new page for the blog, you have to name it.
Then, put the same name on the field "URL path", 

If you leave this field empty, the page will automatically be the homepage of your domain name,
Finally, click on "Create" to save. (number 7) .

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