Is it possible to use a private email address to send emails from ?

In this article, we'll see if it's possible to use a private email address such as Yahoo, Laposte, Protonmail, Zohomail... etc to send your emails from

Following a new policy update regarding important domain providers such and, the use of email addresses from some free domains is now restricted.

The use of email addresses from general domains for sending emails has been restricted since 03/04/2024.

The "general" domains are now prohibited, except the following domains:,,,,, and

It is essential to note that this restriction is intended to enhance the security and reliability of email communications, as email addresses from free domains may be subject to a higher risk of spam and abuse, which can compromise the deliverability of legitimate emails.

We would like to emphasize that using a customized domain name is strongly recommended for professional communications. Additionally, the domain name must be authenticated before being able to send emails with using a customized business email address. This authentication guarantees the legitimate origin of emails sent from this domain, improving deliverability and boosting recipient confidence.

We therefore encourage you to comply with this new policy and consider using an authenticated custom domain name for your business communications.

Here are a few examples of forbidden domains and why they are forbidden:


Yahoo doesn't allow sending emails from servers other than its own. They use an email authentication mechanism called DMARC.

So if you try to send emails with your address from or any other software, your emails will be rejected by the receiving mail servers and won’t reach their destination.


Laposte protects its domain with DMARC, so messages sent from an email address on this domain may be blocked due to DMARC failures.

Zoho (Zohomail)

The DMARC rejection policy is also active on the Zoho domain, making it impossible to use an email address linked to this domain to send emails.


Protonmail has a quarantine policy for emails sent with its domain outside its servers, so emails sent are received in the spam folder.

For domains that are still authorized, but whose use is limited on, i.e. and Microsoft email addresses, it's important to take a few points into account before still using them to send emails.


We don't recommend sending emails to your list from a Gmail address because you may have problems with delivery. Since 01.02.2024 and the new policies, your emails may end up in the spam folder when using a email address to send them.

This restriction is even more important if you send more than 5000 emails a day, as you will be considered a mass sender by

Microsoft (Outlook, MSN, Hotmail, Live)

It is also not suitable to use "Outlook", "MSN", "Hotmail" and "Live" email addresses for delivery reasons. Your emails may be considered as spam. For all these reasons, we ask users to limit the use of this type of email address to send their emails. To ensure better email deliverability, this is in the interest of all users.

Recommended solution

We recommend that you register your domain name with a mail host of your choice, it only costs a few dollars per year. To learn more about email deliverability, click here.

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