Is it possible to use a private email address to send emails from ?

In this article, we'll see why you can no longer use Yahoo, Gmail, Laposte, Protonmail or Zohomail addresses to send your emails.


Yahoo doesn't allow sending emails from servers other than its own. They use an email authentication mechanism called DMARC, so if you try to send emails with your address from or any other software, your emails will be rejected by the receiving mail servers and won’t reach their destination.


As for Gmail, it's not recommended sending emails to your list from a Gmail address because you may have problems with delivery given that since 01.02.2024 and the new policies, your emails may be received in the spam folder if you use a email address to send them.


Laposte protects its domain with DMARC, so messages sent from an email address on this domain may be blocked due to DMARC failures.

Zoho (Zohomail)

The DMARC rejection policy is also active on the Zoho domain, making it impossible to use an email address linked to this domain to send emails.


Protonmail has a quarantine policy for emails sent with its domain outside its servers, so emails sent are received in the spam folder.

Microsoft (Outlook, MSN, Hotmail, Live)

It is also not suitable to use "Outlook", "MSN", "Hotmail" and "Live" email addresses for delivery reasons. 

These "Yahoo, Gmail, Laposte, Zoho, Protonmail, Microsoft" email addresses are not professional email addresses, and the inbox servers will tend to reject emails from these domains and/or send them to spam folders. For all these reasons, we do not allow users to use these email addresses to send their emails. This is in the interest of all users to ensure better email delivery.

Recommended solution: We recommend that you register your domain name with a mail host of your choice, it only costs a few dollars per year. To learn more about email deliverability, click here.

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